Hockey puck-passing machine PuckPass20

For stand-alone training of field players from pass:

  • Shot from open standing position
  • From close standing position
  • Sweep shot
  • Short sweep shot
  • Wrist shot
  • Backhand shot
  • Snap shot
  • Puck throw
  • Slap shot
  • Rebound

Price: 599 $USA

+ Delivery



Weight, lb: 35

Dimensions, inch: 24х21х7

Hopper, pc: 20

Power supply, V/Hz: 220/50 or 110/60

Body material: Steel

Passing speed adjustment: up to 35 mph

Passing interval, sec: from 2 to 12

Paint the PUCKPASS with your hockey club colors!

Hopper color:

Walls color:

Covers color:

Custom paining price 199 $USA

Stand in line

with the champions!

Make your choice: play in line-up or warm the bench?



  • Shalberov Tikhon, St. Petersburg. Personal Skills Development trainer, Hockey Club Elit
  • Dmitry Smirnov, Moscow
  •  Natalya Nikiforova, Sochi
  •  Alexey Baidurov, St. Petersburg
  • Philip Zadorozhny
  • Anatoly Smirnov
  • Andre Cid  Ice Hockey Team Tornado Luxembourg
  • Shalberov Tikhon, St. Petersburg. Personal Skills Development trainer, Hockey Club Elit

    The guys made a very cool simulator that can be used on both artificial and synthetic ice. It has become very convenient to give children tasks to practice shots. Children really like the process of loading pucks and practicing with PuckPass20. We are pleased with its size, you can throw it in the trunk of your car and take it with you, which is very convenient.

    I advise to everyone!

  • Dmitry Smirnov, Moscow

    Great simulator! I bought it for my son’s birthday. He has been playing hockey for three years. I put it in a throw zone in our country house. 20 pucks can be loaded into the simulator. Each makes 400 shots on their own.

    Our son is happy, we are also happy. Thank you!

  • Natalya Nikiforova, Sochi

    Our sons are fond of hockey, so they were super happy with such a gift. And we were pleased that setting up the puck passer turned out to be easier than we expected. We easily managed without any assistance. Children now train on their own because the simulator might replace the trainer and it is not difficult for beginners.

  • Alexey Baidurov, St. Petersburg

    I play in the night Hockey League. Our team did not top the standings, so we decided that we need to train more. To do this, we chipped some money all together for a puck passer. And we never regretted! Reliable, mobile, with several modes of pass speed - it has become an irreplaceable attribute of our trainings. Additionally, I would like to note the ability to paint the simulator as you wish, for example, ours is completely black and it looks very stylish.

  • Philip Zadorozhny

    My wife and I bought this simulator for our son. After the first training, he was taken to the school hockey team. For about a month he played with the puck passer in our country house and the coach already predicts a bright future for him.

    We are satisfied with the purchase at 100%. It is great that the simulator was brought by the courier right to our door. Our son is happy, and we are also happy.

  • Anatoly Smirnov

    I have two sons, both are fond of hockey. My friend advised me to order this simulator. I never regretted afterwards. My boys can now train independently in addition to basic trainings. One loads the pucks, the other trains shots and vice versa. All turns to be fun and productive.

    The simulator is working properly. No complaints. And of course, I cannot help but note the relatively low cost. Highly recommended!

  • Andre Cid Ice Hockey Team Tornado Luxembourg

    I am thrilled by the idea and its implementation!

    Russians make everything just like the Kalashnikov gun 😉 Minimum of electronics and mostly iron. Super! Thanks!